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Where it comes from

Tostana's coffee is grown by our family members in Gigante, Huila, Colombia on the farm "Finca La Florida."

After a visit back home and some time on the coffee farm, our founder, Juan, discovered what it takes to make truly great tasting coffee. He brought samples back to Canada and a new adventure began!

By enjoying our coffee, you are supporting a "direct-trade" coffee program in which the coffee is 100% traceable and the farmers are paid for the true value and quality of their coffee, a value which is set by the farmers themselves and not by a third-party. Our coffee has received multiple national awards for overall quality, judged by the Coffee Federation of Colombia.

Ethical Coffee Matters

Our imported coffee is part of  the "100% Café de Colombia" program, in which the members of this program agree to comply with ethical codes of conduct, and respect the origin of Colombian Coffee.

Fulfilling these conditions, our coffee producers use the “Café de Colombia” Logo as a badge and symbol of a community of interests and values: hard work, quality, effort, and a willingness to do things well in bringing to the market a superior quality product.

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